Client Testimonials

I was paying 23.95% interest on a 2005 with 165k miles. I bought a 2010 outlander with 9.25%. You cant imagine how happy I am. - Dave P.
Helpful people, traded 95 jeep grand Cherokee in for 2013 Chevy Impala, was paying 24%, now have a much better rate of 6.9 %...with Service included - Wayne R.
I had a very good experience with your company. You were very helpful and accommodating to me. You did for me exactly what you said that you would do and I would recommend you highly. - Michelle C.
I am very excited and pleased with our new vehicle, we were able to get out of our balloon loan with an outrageous interest rate and was able to get into a car with a significant lower rate. Thanks Alliance Direct Lending - Jamil T.
I received a letter from alliance direct lending a few weeks ago, and decided I would give them a try. I'm so happy with my choice to go with them. Great customer service, very friendly! I traded in my ford escape 2008 for a Kia Forte 2016. They brought my interest rate down from 22% to 6%. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.- Jacob P.
Was contacted about my monthly payment and interest, when I went in I actually ended up going to a bigger vehicle with much needed room and lowered my monthly payment as well as my interest rate from 17% to 9%. Great service! - Chuy D.
I had an incredible experience with Alliance Direct Lending (Rate Genius) I refinanced my 2008 Ford Escape. I had over a 11% interest rate paying $281/mth. They lowered my interest rate to only 4.24% and my new payment is now $175/mth. So easy and excellent service. Would definitely will recommend this service. - Laura N.
WOW, I Saved Thousands. I received a letter from Alliance saying I could refinance my auto loan because I have been making my payments on time. It was actually better to purchase a new vehicle and lower my interest rate from over 9% to 3.9%. I bought a new car and actually lowered my payment. If you get this letter believe it... IT IS FOR REAL - John P.
I just refinanced my 2008 Ford Edge. Gretchen at Alliance was able to get my loan from 12.4% down to 6%. Very easy and fast process. Great experience, I would definitely recommend to anyone! - Ellie Y.
Bought a new 2014 Outlander. Perfectly happy with all results. Went from a 20%APR to a 14%APR!!! Huge savings for me. I am very happy from the time Alliance got with me to the time I parked my car at home...perfect. Etremely helpful people at Alliance
and at the dealership. Thanks to all of them I have had a good day..thank you Alliance - Jesse R.
I was paying $470.00 a month for 3 years before I got refinanced with Alliance Direct Lending. Now I'm only paying $270.00 a month. The staff is so professional. Every time I had a question or concern Mark called me right back with all the answers. I've
already been recommending them to my friends and family. If they can help me, I know they can help you. - Shawna P.
I got a postcard from Alliance Direct Lending, directing me to a car dealership that would refinance my car at a lower rate. I upgraded from a 2007 Ford Focus that had been sold to me by another dealership with the ABS and airbag systems nonfunctional. In the year that I owned the car, I had to replace both half shafts, right and left lower ball joints and control arms, and was going to have to replace both struts and tie rod ends. I went from 24% interest, to a 2015 car with 3000 miles and 8 % interest. The people bent over backwards to make sure that I could afford my new car. I have been telling everyone that they should go here to get their next car. - Kirk P.
I had been thinking about refinancing my car and then I got a flyer in the mail about this company I had never heard of. I was very skeptical because like they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However that is not the case with Alliance Direct. They really are as good as they sound. I asked a lot of questions and they were very honest with me. I was able to refinance my car with a lower interest rate and lower my car payment from $600 a month to $350 a month. They were good about making the process quick and easy. The man I worked with was always quick to respond to my emails. I still honestly can't believe how great everything worked out. I will be using them in the future and referring friends and family. - Danielle G.