Why Choose Alliance Lending?

Many companies over promise and under deliver on what their product is capable of doing for you. At Alliance Direct Lending we have a different approach: Do it right the first time. Only a small percentage of the people in your area would even qualify for this program. With the unique filters that we have in place, we truly are interested in having your sales team meet the quality buyers that are in a position to be financed in this tightened economy.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide dealerships the opportunity to sell a new or pre-owned vehicle to consumers who decide to purchase and provide consumers an opportunity to refinance their current auto loan.

Program Hot Points

No dealer agreement required. You do not use your normal Banker or Law contract, the customer signs docs generated directly from our website.

Alliance Direct Lending will send prime customers with a credit score of 650-670 on a low (depending on the state) up to 900 in your market who have a high interest rate (9%-35%) a notice to lower their interest rate. They are notified that they will be able to this by either purchasing a vehicle from our exclusive dealerships inventory or refinancing their current vehicle and getting a rate as low as 3.99%

Consumers will then be prompted to log on to www.alliancedirectlending.com or to call (800) 235-4605 where they will need their individualized Pre-Qualification Number to continue.

  • The individualized Pre-Qualification Number will be printed on the Consumers invitation.
  • This Pre-Qualification Number has been individualized to reflect the consumer’s first and last name, their address, the last four digits of their Social Security Number along with your dealerships information.
  • There will be a few pieces of additional information for the consumer to add to their application.

Within 30 minutes of completing the application, the consumer will receive a phone call from an Alliance Direct Loan Officer. This phone call will cover the details of the new loan, including rate, payment, and different term options. The loan officer will also book out the consumer’s car and get a 20 day payoff.

At this point, if the customer wishes to proceed with a purchase instead of refinancing the Loan Officer will set up an appointment for the customer to go to the dealership to meet with a SM or GSM directly. The Alliance Direct Lending BDC will call and notify the dealership that the appointment has been set. In addition the dealerships assigned contacts will be notified via email and/or text with regards to the appointment. The Loan Officer will also set an alert that will notify you if this deal is a purchase or refinance.

If the consumer chooses to refinance their current loan the Loan Officer will set up an appointment for the customer to bring the vehicle to the dealership for an visual inspection of your vehicle.
Once the appointment has been set, Alliance Direct will notify the customer that there is a fee of $199 for this inspection.

At this point the Support Team Member that is assigned to your dealership will contact the GSM or SM at the dealership as well as the Service manger to notify them of the customer’s approval and appointment time. This information will also be available live time via the dealer’s portal located at www.alliacedirectlending.com/dealer

The consumer will arrive at the dealership and ask for the GSM or SM. At this point have someone take the customers car around to service for the inspection (This is an opportune time for the GSM or SM to go work a car deal with the customer. We find 25-30% of these customers will refinance and 70-75% will purchase a different vehicle). This aspect of the program will be explained in further detail during your dealerships training session prior to the programs launch.