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At Alliance Direct Lending we strive to make sure our customers are happy. Whether our customers choose to refinance their current vehicle or if they choose to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle we make sure they are well taken care of. From scheduling an appointment to following up after we send paperwork for your refinance we are here to help you along, every step of the way.

A Real Email From Indhira Soto

Hello Brenda,

Sorry for writing so late. I cannot thank you enough for showing me the opportunity that I had for purchasing a new vehicle and the timing could not have been more perfect. With years of making payments on time and having an outrageous APR on my old vehicle I was more than ready to either refinance or trade in my old vehicle for a new one. Also, I recently found out I was expecting my second child and I just had to get a bigger vehicle for my growing family.

Once again I would like to thank you. You just opened the door of opportunity of a lifetime for me. Now I can enjoy my new vehicle with a very low rate.

When I went to Dodge Country I could honestly say that I didn't think that I was going to leave the lot with a new 2010 Dodge Nitro Heat with an APR that was half of what I used to have. I was ecstatic! And the vehicle drives like a dream. My two year old loves the Dodge and does not want to ride in any other vehicle.

Thank You,

Indhira Soto (Morillo)

What Other Customers Are Saying

Charles Wallace, Texas - "One word, EXCELLENT!! I am a satisfied customer, driving a new 2008 Honda Accord, my rate dropped 10% points, and my payments dropped!! I will tell everyone about you guys!! Thank you soooooo much!!"

Marilyn Cruz, Ohio - I was so happy I called & went in to Johnson Motors. My rate dropped 11% and my payments dropped too!! I could not be happier!

Alma, Texas - "Alliance was able to help me take my interest rate from 18% down to 0%. I can't stop thanking them."

Mary, Florida - Everyone at Alliance was friendly and helpful. Alliance is fantastic. I can't say enough good things about Alliance or the dealership.

Leo, Texas - "Alliance made it easy for me to get a new vehicle and lower my interest rate."

Veljko, New Jersey - "I was paying over 22% interest every month on my car that was only worth $4,000. I decided to get a new car, Alliance helped me get a new car with a interest rate less than 8%. I recommend Alliance to anyone! Amazing!"

Jim, Minnesota - "The letter I received in the mail was encouraging. I called & was given a good explanation of how the program worked. It was an easy process! My rate went from 15% to below 8!! Thank You Alliance!"

Jamal, Texas - "Easy, smooth process. My payment dropped $25 a month & my vehicle will be paid off sooner."